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Our Services
  • Our efforts are to attract the potential buyers of global market based on result oriented concept . Search of buyers on internet is wastage of time, money , energy and some times misleading to new entrepreneurs. To locate the buyer and to get the order is not difficult, what more important is to support this order by Advance Payment or L.C. Overseas buyers do not transfer funds or establish L.C. in favour of unknown supplier without confidence or trust . Efforts in the international trade are successful if they are supported by foreign institutions to generate trust and confidence in the mind of the buyer. We offer consultancy with this concept.
  • Participation in foreign trade fairs and visit to overseas markets is very costly and some time out of reach to pocket. We provide parallel benefits to our clients without paying money for this purpose. Our services include constancy on export promotion in following area :
    • For display & exhibit samples / catalogue in foreign country free of cost subject to availability of space.
    • For rent free office in foreign country subject to availability.
    • For Business Support in overseas markets through trade organizations and trade bodies.
    • To provide BUSINESS LINKS ,on demand, to use for business promotion.
    • To forward buyers inquiries , on demand, as and when received by us concerning to your products.

These services are available subject to your consent that : -

    • you will pay one time consultancy charges .
    • The trade information provided by me will only be for your use and that you will not transfer these information to other person, company or agency.
  • The results of my working will appear on your mailbox. I will start working immediately on receipt of my charges . The results will start appearing within few days in your mailbox. I will require following information to work : Company name, address, PIN code, land line telephone / fax numbers, URL, contact person and product details. Product details may please be given elaborately so as to help me to understand and to explain them to buyers. One image upto 50 KB size of your Company Logo , if any, and face photo of contact person and at least two product images upto 100 kb size in jpg are also needed.


  • Firm Registration

  • Export Import Licence

  • World Wide Publicity 
                      We keep track records of the various exhibishions and excursions worldwide for the promotion of international trade, We help you to get a stall over there or to arrange for the display of your products in those exhibisions so that you get the results directly from the buyers / suppliers without physically going at the place. We help you advertise in the various magazines / bulletins of the international level from different countries / continents to get a good response. We help your web page / website promote in the various search engines which drive the maximum traffic to your site to get a better response.

  • Locate Buyers & Suppliers 
                      We help you locate buyers and suppliers across the globe for all your products and supplies. We have been in the trade for the past 30 years and with the enriched and rigorous experience and contacts we locate different people in the respective trade and forward them to the relevant supplier / buyer to extradite the process of searching. In the past thousands of people have been benefitted by this service.

  • Import Export Procedure  
                      We make you aware of the complete procedure. As we have been in the system for the last 30 years, we have a fair idea of the intricacies and complicacies and with the enriched experience we help you to extradite the difficulties faced in the process of import and export.

  • Pre Shipment Inspection Report of goods. 

  • Documentation  
                      We make the complete documentation for the complete export / import necessary in the process.

  • Custom Clearence  
                      We help your products to get cleared from the custom timely.

  • Web Page Development & Promotion  
                      We help you to get the web page developed and the promotion of the web page in various search engines.






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